ATMI/CMS Conference
October 24-26, 2019
Louisville, Kentucky

Creating Student e-Collaboration Opportunities for Online Music Course Interaction:
Tools, Techniques, Scenarios.

Dr. Fred Kersten
Boston University

Students in online college music courses have so many wonderful technology-created opportunities for synchronous collaboration as they explore music aspects of the course curriculum.   Composition, theory, soundscapes, software examination, arranging, and lesson plan design/implementation, are all possible for multiple student instant involvement.  New apps designed specifically for this collaborative educational venture, and extensions of existing major music software packages are currently a focused priority by manufacturers and software developers.

Through an exploration of actual scenarios, typical to currently online music course opportunities, this presentation will explore how an instructor can integrate collaboration for instruction opportunities into the course structure.  An examination of tools and pedagogical techniques will be made for developing optimum teaching opportunities and situations. Specifics considered will include: 1
1. Developing opportunities for student involvement;
2. Interactive scheduling for process completion;
3. Idiomatic interaction connectivity techniques;
4. Technology tool specifics.

Among software tools and apps considered: Powtoons, Soundation, Soundtrap, Noteflight Learn, FLIPGRID, Pro Tools, and Flat.  Student project examples and videos will be utilized as support media for illustration. A dedicated website will be developed for sharing information as a means of continual dissemination and communication after conclusion of the session.

An examination of collaborative opportunities available through music technology packages that will allow college-level music students to interact as they collaborate on mutual projects necessary to complete course curriculum requirements. Composition, theory, soundscapes, software examination, arranging, and lesson plan design/implementation opportunities will be considered in addition to cutting-edge software and apps.

About Dr. Fred Kersten:
With over nine years of experience in online graduate music education instruction, Fred is a technology specialist with strong interest in online instruction. Presently he is Lead Instructor for Music Technology and an online graduate music facilitator for Boston University.