Current Examples of What Internet2 Can and Cannot Do

*New World Symphony Wallcast

*Online Piano Lesson

*Macha, Zambia Piano Project

*Tim Glen, Zawolle Zollar Dance Technology, Florida State University  

*New World Symphony Music Lab in action.

*Extensive work of Scott Deal and IUPUI Internet2 performances. He  and Matthew Burtnerr were recent  IDEA award winners for Auksalaq—a Telematic Opera.

*Master Dance Class—University of Michigan, Tsinghua University/Beijing, China.

*Robert Mann String Quartet-Manhattan School of Music extensive online activities.

*Music Anywhere, Anytime: International Symposium on Synchronous Distance Learning

George Hess.   



Reference Links for Perusal  Music Activities Through Internet 2—some that are dated and some that are current. Current description and definition of the Internet2 community and a good indication of direction.  Description of Internet2 and Cloud services available to members.  Description of the Internet2 consortium.

Internet2 Detective


 The Internet2 Detective was an applet that was utilized to ascertain if you were connected to I2.  It is no longer available.  A description of current finance and status of the Internet2 Network.

  Comprehensive background on the Abilene network, its deployment, organization, and development.  Discussion of Internet Protocol version 6 and its utilization with the Internet. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.  Discussion of internet speed and illustrations of present status.  Opportunity to check your present online internet speed for your computer.  Good reading to illustrate various aspects of  Internet 2 development.

Internet2 SIP Services_1Audio  Location of this presentation on the Internet.  Tim Glen site illustrating his pioneer and current  work at Florida State.  Excellent site for discovering the direction of Dance and the Arts and the influences of distance education and online technology.   GREAT LINK! Information as to current Services provided.  Manhattan School of Music Distance Education  Video Archive  Manhattan  Around the World String Quartet institute Library of Congress  Arts Webcasts   New and private directions in developing high speed cable availability.  Singapore to Tokoyo.  Background Information regarding Internet 2 Leadership and Organization. IUPI Online presentations The Donald Louis Tavel Arts and Technology Research Center IUPUI Cloud Music—great source for current developments in cloud music.

Scott Deal Clips available at

Great Internet2 Pictures  

George Hess Links


 George Hess Links


 George Hess Links


 George Hess Links


George Litterest Links to Great Distance Education Videos Art+Imagination+Invention  The Macha project. Great Piano distance project narrated by George Litterest.