How to Survive Job Online Application Procedures with “Wow” Reviews

2012 Biennial Music Educators National Conference
with Special Focus on
Research in Music Education and Music Teacher Education


March 28–31, 2012
St. Louis, Missouri

Presentation Handout

Online application procedures  are  the standard for applying for jobs at public school systems throughout the United States.   Since internet advertisement  generates a multitude of  applicants, and increased competition for each advertised position, music education applicants must provide an extremely attractive and focused portfolio through the online process to receive consideration for a on-site interview.


 As the graduating music education  applicant approaches the online application process, numerous questions arise as to how to structure the application portfolio and what  specific documents to include that will make the best impression upon potential employers. 


This presentation will examine   online application procedures and document application procedures  for public school employment. A limited number of representative public schools will serve to provide current qualitative data for this examination. As the online application process is considered,   suggestions will be made for portfolio development, and  inclusion of  support documents to make a positive impression on the potential employer.


 Careful thought  will be given to  specifics and provided examples  for the development of an attractive portfolio. Brevity, focus to the specific job situation, reference  support/inclusion, and personal image spotlighting  will be taken into account.


 Online assistance through such venues  as  e-portfolios, social media, and audio/visual resources will be considered. Attention to security provisions and loss of identity factors will be addressed. This latter  aspect is becoming an important consideration for job applicants who are at times required to provide confidential data that may be of an “at-risk” nature for  identity theft which is becoming a current and recurring problem. 




This presentation  examines  current online application procedures for public school employment.  Suggestions are made for portfolio development and inclusion of  support documents to provide a favorable impression on potential employers.