New World Symphony

            While the mission of NWS is to prepare outstanding graduates “for leadership roles in orchestras and ensembles around the world” (Quote Reference Site URL: ) the most exciting direction from their organization pertinent to the topic being considered has been the focus towards involvement with Internet2. Of interest related to the purpose of this paper is the description of their mission involving Internet2 and their direction towards music programs:

“Internet2 is a high speed, next generation Internet, connecting over 200 U.S. universities as well as international universities and governments world-wide. Designated for educational research and collaboration, the extremely high bandwidth makes it a natural medium for live, interactive musical collaboration, coaching and teaching.

NWS is pioneering the application of this technology to enable advanced music programs from these universities to join in the remote exchange of masterclasses, seminars, rehearsals and symposia. NWS is expanding its mission and developing a new forum for musical exchange by continuously experimenting with new uses for technology.” (Quote Reference Site URL: )

  This organization is focusing on use of current technology innovations to bring music and music participation activities to the world and also local areas.  Their mission can be deemed as: innovative, of highest quality, experimental, and illustrative of artistry at the highest level. 


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