As I have developed this paper I have tried to mention problems that I have been involved in and also to envision problems that an online teacher may encounter whether teaching in synchronous or asynchronous modality.  There are so many new opportunities with increasingly sophisticated technology that develop each day.  While many are fortunate to work with Internet2 there are an increasing number of teachers who can and are using the current Internet facilities in a highly effective manner for a rewarding development of musical interaction.  I have provided a broad overview of this topic with the hope that the reader of this paper will think through possibilities for his/her own situation and explore some of the resources I have mentioned. 

“Exploratory adventurism” is the quality that a teacher must have, or more importantly acquire, as the topic of online music teaching is to be considered and put into action.  Look back through this paper, if you have reached this paragraph, and select one URL that interests you and your teaching situation.  Click on this link and reflect through the possibility of including such technology within your own circumstances.  It can be done and you can improve your teaching and the interest and the motivation of your students by including synchronous or asynchronous activities.  You can be “Synchronous and Happy” or at least asynchronous at a higher-level if you look to the topic of this paper and try to expand your own teaching horizons and those of your students.

Appendix A