Colleague Meetings Online

            When your colleagues are located over a fifteen hundred  mile distance it is both exciting and motivational to be able see and communicate with them as persons.  Many of the section facilitators for the course I worked with last Fall I had met at conferences and conventions and known over a ten-year period of time, so it was very neat to again meet them as persons and essentially meet them in my basement for a conference.  I found that the online conference brought more of a focus to the topics discussed because of the facial expressions and vocal inflections incurred and interpreted. I believe that there is a greater interest and a heightened perception provided through such a meeting because you are actively aware of both the person speaking and the realization that others can observe your facial interest.  As mentioned above, physical gestures are something that you become very much aware of and can be distracting.  I never realized I rubbed my nose to such an extent!  The lesson at this point is to become aware of your physical presence on line and tend to this presence with the same awareness that you would provide to your surroundings, personal physical presence and hygiene in an actual real life classroom.


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