MUCE 304
Music in Contemporary Education II

Dr. Fred Kersten 267-3216 A305

Dr. Marsha Baxter 267 -2454 A308

Dr. Peter McCoy 267-3210 A327

Required Materials

1 CD-R disc, various things found lying about

Course Description

This course is designed to be an introduction to music education in the secondary school setting. We will focus on theoretical and curricular models currently in use in the profession. The format of the course is a combination of lecture, discussion, "workshop" activities and student presentation. In many cases, you will complete activities based on each model from the perspective of the student as well as consider issues from the perspective of the teacher. The "hands-on" nature of the course is intended to allow you to see each model in action rather than merely reading or talking about it. The activities are primarily designed to stimulate critical and creative thinking. Assessment will be through observation of classroom participation and evaluation of papers, lesson plans, and projects completed. Attendance is required at all class meetings and events. More than six absences for any reason will result in automatic failure of the course. Students must pass teaching episode(s) in order to pass the course.

Topics and Major Assignments

*Lesson Plan Models
*Adolescent Development

*Arts PROPEL Domain Project *Technology in Music Education 
*Opera Project

*Lesson Plans
*Teaching Presentations 
*Adolescent Interview Paper Project 
*Digital Portfolio
*Create and stage an opera
*Reading Assignments

Reading assignments will be made from ,reserve material, on-line material, and handouts. You will be expected to participate in classroom discussion of the assigned readings and may be assessed on the readings.