e-Portfolio Development Resources

*CWRU Music Education Portfolios  -- An excellent page developed through the efforts of Dr. William I. Bauer, faculty member at Case Western Reserve University.  It gives examples of portfolios and links for expanding expertise developed utilizing INTASC (Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium) standards.  A portfolio template is included that may be downloaded and modeled.

*University of Florida School of Music Teaching PortfoliosAll music education majors at UF must complete a web-based music teaching portfolio as an exit requirement for graduation.  This page is a good source for developing such portfolios including templates which might be helpful in construction of an on-line e-portfolio. 

*Teaching Portfolios  -- The University of Texas at El Paso This site is an ongoing project developed to provide and examination and information for developing and assessing a faculty teaching portfolio.  Includes information, sites and  links for assistance.

*Electronic Portfolios -- Information about Electronic Portfolio Development. This set of web pages will describe and discuss the use of technology to support alternative assessment from a number of perspectives. Developed and maintained by an internationally known expert on Electronic Portfolio Development, Dr. Helen Barrett, Assistant Professor, Educational Technology, School of Education, University of Alaska Anchorage.

*ERIC Digests -- Electronic Portfolios: A New Idea in Assessment. (ERIC Identifier: ED390377) Good background on various kinds of  Portfolios, how they are utilized and current organizations that use them. Discusses technology and creation of computer-based portfolios.

*ROCKETFACE WORKSHOP -- How to Develop a Website.  Site explores basics for development, layout, design, and graphics. Note the page regarding development of a page for organizational flow at; http://www.rocketface.com/organize_website/linear_navigation.html

*Writing HTML -- a tutorial for creating web pages.  Provides instruction on creating web pages and examples to follow.

*How to Create Web Pages Using Netscape Composer -- Eastern Connecticut State University.  Basics on web page creation for a readily available and free HTML editor.

*Technical Advisory Service for Images --  Explains the inclusion of images  in web page design and gives excellent links  for additional background and information.

*Creating Web Pages Containing a Graphic Border on the Left-hand Side  A step-by-step guide to developing a web page with a continuous graphic border.  



  Online Public School Teacher Application Opportunities

*Oregon School Personnel Association Teach Oregon Application System (TOAS). A central data system connects teachers and administrators. Applications are distributed to selected districts for a minor fee

*Regional Education Applicant & Placement Program   A free service allowing you to apply to as many component districts as you chose with one application. REAP allows you to transfer your completed application to additional states.  Presently REAP links are available in Michigan, Georgia, Connecticut, Vermont, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Missouri, Kentucky, and New Mexico.  All state net link 

*Iowa Teaching Application for Iowa School Districts. (Iowa State Department of Education). Teachers may enter an application in this organizations database, and email it to districts with vacancies.

*Teachers @ Work.  National Educators Employment Network is a free service that allows applicants to post their resumes and view job lists with vacancies in their areas.

*Broward County Public Schools Administrative, Teaching and non-instructional positions in Florida in a district that employs over 21,000.  Current vacancies, application procedures, and online application forms presented.

*MENC Job Center Site This site lists positions for both pubic school and college-level music personnel.  You may also register as a job-seeker if you are a member of the organization. 

Online College-level Application Opportunities  

*The College Music Society Vacancy List A weekly list of college-level positions in all area of concentration.  Positions remain in the accessible data base until date of application deadline. at which time they are removed. 

*Higher Education Jobs.com A good source of positions that is continuously updated as new vacancies in music are listed.

*Chronicle Careers The Chronicle of Higher Education provides this service and the job listings are daily.  A strong site to locate both national and international listing of music positions. 

*Peabody Institute Career Counseling and Placement  Music positions are listed the 1st and 15th of each month on this site.  Included are College-level, public school listings and also church music opportunities. 

*University of Illinois Career Serices Music Vacancy List. Continuously updated list containing both college-level and public school vacancies.