NAfME 2015 Biennial Eastern Division Conference

Managed by the Rhode Island Music Education Association

Providence, Rhode Island, April 9-12, 2015



Online and Happy: 

Instruction Tools You Need To Get Started Teaching and Up to Speed!



Dr. Fred Kersten

     *Excited about the challenge of teaching online??  Music technology teaching tools and techniques have become highly sophisticated and provide many wonderful opportunities to communicate with music students via the Internet through online servers, many of these free. Public school music teachers are finding many ways to include their students in online courses and there is an intense movement for this to be expanded.

    *This presentation  will examine  music interaction and instruction possibilities that online faculty can utilize for  class management and creative teaching.  Among topics included will be: innovative evaluation and assignment techniques, live video conferencing with students, colleague meetings online, whiteboard interaction possibilities, and archiving of  teaching sessions for student referral.

     *Multimedia assignment  considerations will include interactive “voiceovers” for composition musical analysis, and tutorial instruction utilizing Camtasia, SnagIt, and similar screen saving programs. Examination of new "In the Clouds" opportunities will be examined. Edmodo, Moodle, Soundation, MindMeister, and the MusicFirst Subscribe Service software as well as MOOCS and their availability will be covered. Webinars and development of video communications will be discussed and information provided for development.  Examples of multimedia student  assignments created with Keynote/Powerpoint will be illustrated.

     *Interactive performance activities, and online music lessons that can be included as part of your music curriculum will be considered.  Websites like  noteflight, and musescore will be examined for their contributions to online teaching, as will music article reference sites such as JSTOR.  Grading templates, , and available online resources for theory, composition, performance, and music education will be examined. 

   This presentation provides an examination of techniques and tools for effective online music instruction. Consideration of interaction possibilities through video, audio, whiteboard, online music lessons, and Internet resources will be provided.  Multimedia assignments, evaluation possibilities, and accessing of music resources for required reading will be considered. Opportunities for public school teachers will be illustrated as well as free "In The Clouds" sites for course development.