Assistive  software on your computer Mac and PC


*SubRosaSoft's Macnifier displays a magnified portion of your screen in a separate window. Originally designed as a helper application to assist the visually impaired - it has become an ideal tool for Mac graphic design professionals who need pixel perfect placement and control Download free!


*iChat and iSight  are video conferencing solution with performance and clarity good enough for you to communicate using sign language over the Internet. A high quality video is produced that is good enough to clearly see the finger and hand movements of the person with whom your communicating.

*Speech Recognition & Talking Alerts

Speakable items lets you command and control the computer using your voice, without requiring you to train the computer. You can use commands to open and close programs, navigate the menu bar, switch between programs, control application-specific items, to enter keyboard shortcuts and speak front window controls such as check box names, radio button names, list items and buttons.

The talking alerts feature gives voice to alert and dialog windows by verbally identifying the application and reciting the contents of its dialog box.

                Speakable items in Universal Access

On Mac

*VoiceOver included with Tiger. For those with vision disabilities a built-in screen reader that provides keyboard control of the computer, enhanced screen magnification options, and spoken English descriptions of what’s on the screen. VoiceOver enables many users with special needs to work collaboratively with other Mac users and use a Macintosh without assistance



Accessories, Accessability Wizard allows you to customize your computer to your visual, hearing, and  utilize  Magnifier, Narrator, and Onscreen keyboard.

*Apple Accessibility