Research Resources

Physically Handicapped

*Adaptive Controllers for Music   GOOD ClickToGo products including musical instruments 


*ADAPTIVE USE OF INSTRUMENTS Good Video--computer access playing at  
*Adaptive Use Musical Instrument  Second source includes  video demonstration. 


*Drake Music Project  Includes Charlotte White cello video.


*Drake School of Music, Scotland.  Philosophy: everyone has the ability to participate in making music. Utilizing 21st century music technology, we work nationally across education, health, and community sectors to provide opportunities for people of all ages and with a wide range of disabilities to play, learn, and compose music independently.

*Headbangers Group singing-demonstration of switches.  Movie at  

*E-scape and feedback   

*E-scape in action  Tutorial for E-scape at 


*New York State Arts Standards  Alternate Assessment Standards for Students with Severe Disabilities


*Super Switch Ensemble. Access to music for Mac computers. Super Switch Ensemble enables groups of students with mixed abilities to play together in a cooperative setting; each individual working at his/her own level while contributing to the overall performance. Can use IntelliKeys  keyboard to communicate if there are problems with regular keyboards.  


*Switch in Time--Jon Adams 


 *My breath my music  songs and song backgrounds  that can be utilized with a windcontoller.  

*Soundbeam Home Page UK   From Drake Music Project page Soundbeam 2 is a programmable MIDI instrument that you can play without touching anything, by moving along a straight line in space. It does this by detecting your position using reflections of a stream of ultrasonic pulses, then uses this to select which MIDI note or chord to play from a prepared set. It can also output other control messages to change the sound. Using an additional box, you can also use various other sensors and switches to trigger notes or chords  

*   Blogs and information about hearing impaired and products for their assistance.

*Hearing Loss Web--information concerning technology and hearing loss.

*Advanced Biotics Strong information on cochlear implants, digital hearing aids, and their usage.

*Deaf and Music--Information about deafness and learning music with reference to many individuals who have accomplished despite their disability.

*Deaf Education programs at Michigan State University.  Well developed program with information for both hh/deaf and teachers/professionals.

*TEACHING INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC TO DEAF AND HARD OF HEARING STUDENTS. Phillip M. Hash University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign, September 2003.  Good Research Study

*Scholarly Research Article on Hearing Impaired.

*Developing Hearing Aid algorithms and background for digital hearing aids. Protools, iMac, and Yamaha AW4416 aid in developing testing advanced signal processing features to individualize in hearing aids.,,CNTID%253D20751%2526CTID%253D%2526CNTYP%253DNEWS%2526RLTID%253D,00.html  Also of relevance-- The Yamaha AW4416 16-Track, 44 Channel Digital Audio Workstation  is utilized for this task.,,CNTID%25253D2204%252526CTID%25253D,00.html

*Researchers working to make better music for hearing-impaired people. MIT research concerning music and speech.  

*Kristi Brown LeAnn Denney.  Music Use in Elementary and Middle School Classrooms for the Deaf Research Study on usage of music in classrooms for the deaf. The University of Tennessee April 4, 1997.

*Sonic Innovations.  Information on hearing aids and usage.

*iChat and iSight  are video conferencing solutions with performance and clarity good enough for you to communicate using sign language over the Internet. A high quality video is produced that is good enough to clearly see the finger and hand movements of the person with whom your communicating.  

*Hearing Loss Web.  A good page for information including definitions of various disabilities and terms that aid in clarity of understanding problems of exceptionalities.  

*MIT Researchers working to make better music availability for hearing-impaired people.  Good article on current directions in technology.  

*Deaf Net. Vital page for information, research, current thought.  Managed by high level professionals.  


Blind/Visually Impaired

Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic® 

Dancing Dots-great source of information about technology and music

Demo of GOODFEEL music braille translator software

From Dancing Dots--Braille Music Instruction and Repertoire

*TACK-TILES: learning system for braille

*Opus Technology Products. Good  location source of information about Braille Music resources including Braille music transcription programs and Braille music translator.


*Lavelle School for the Blind Helpful Links.   A great source of reference information including American Printing House AFB Press etc.  Good for looking up materials, information and services.


*Music and Visually Impaired Children--Excellent pamphlet concerning including music in the schooling of children


*Music education for the visually impaired. A compendium of articles from Braille Music magazine, with supplementary material 


*Perkins School for the Blind.   Information and resources from a highly respected School for the Blind.


*Sigma Alpha Iota information page.   Resources for musicians with special needs. Great source of information.


*RISE  Information pdfs on ways visually impaired can function in society.

*JAWS software for Windows.  

*Braille Keyboards

*APH Products-Studio Recorder  Studio RecorderTM contains many features that make recording, editing, and proofreading audio books easy. Speed up playback with no pitch distortion. Features: Three levels of phrase detection: Index tone generation and removal; Instant open on large files; Instant cut, copy, paste, and delete; Intercom functionality; Simple user interface; Accessible to blind and visually impaired user; Multiple user marks and notes; External controller support.

*SharpEye Music Reader is widely regarded as one of the most accurate music scanning programs available today. SharpEye 2 saves your scans of sheet music as MusicXML files so you can import them into Finale, Sibelius, MuseBook Score, or any other product that reads MusicXML

*Dolet for Sibelius.  Plugin that allows music to be transported between pieces of software. 

*Lime Aloud can report the current part, voice and staff, current bar and beat, name of current part and more whenever you ask. Listen to an MP3 audio presentation of Lime Aloud  produced by Bill McCann of Dancing Dots, June, 2007.

*Jsonar Project.  Access to Jsonar script  that allows JAWS to read Sonar as audio speech.

*Opus Technology Products-- produce Toccata, A full-featured Braille music translator  and OpusDots Lite. A braille music transcription program. Note Bettye Krolick manual-- How to read musical Braille. 

*Trinity College of Music “Case Studies Making music technology accessible for visually impaired students” An examination of direction to provide music technology for disability college students in the United Kingdom. Examines costs, software to acquire and limitations and outcomes.

*GOOD Music Software information.  Includes most titles with demographic information on all of them .

*LIMECEMERL Sound Group.  Devices and software for handicapped individuals.  Includes LIME software.

*LIME Information and Download Site

*Do Visually Impaired Children have Special Musical Abilities? NIB Research and Information of Blind and Partially Sighted People.

*Music Education Network for the Visually Impaired.  A good source of major contributors and leaders in the field. E-mail addresses and resources are mentioned

Generic Resources applicable to all areas of Exceptionality

*Wisconsin Education Association Council. Special Education Inclusion.  Information on Inclusion of students in the classroom.  Well defined with support resources.

*Center for Disabilities list of organization addresses. California State University Northridge  Good source of organizations dealing with access, adaptive, and assistive technology.   

 *Assistive Technology, "a generic term that includes assistive, adaptive, and rehabilitative devices and the process used in selecting, locating, and using them." (From Wikipedia)  

*Apple Accessibility  Useful information on accessibility.

*Technology Center at Indiana University Bloomington and IUPUI. A Great source of college services for students at their schools.  Included Vision, Hearing, Learning, Mobility, Hardware, and Software.  

*Apple Accessibility Must read of accessibility  on the Mac.

 Vision  Hearing  Physical/Motor  Literacy and Learning  Language and Communication

*SAM Joystick and trackball  


*Adaptive Technology for the Internet: Making Electronic Resources Accessible to All.  Barbara T. Mates, Doug Wakefield, and Judith M. Dixon (Paperback - Jan. 2000). Super book on adaptive technology.

*Boston University Office of Disability Services. Good listing of  organizations and resources for individuals with exceptionalities.  

*Software strikes a chord for disabled students. University project enables physically challenged students to create music using technology Very important as it has the video demonstrating the Physical Access Technology Software.;_hbguid=96411d65-0eec-4278-b39d-bdb1bddf9b92  
*Enabling for Music--ways of supporting hearing of music via computer and other audio means (see downloaded hearing resource document .pdf) 

Speech Recognition & Talking Alerts

*Speakable items lets you command and control the computer using your voice, without requiring you to train the computer. You can use commands to open and close programs, navigate the menu bar, switch between programs, control application-specific items, to enter keyboard shortcuts and speak front window controls such as check box names, radio button names, list items and buttons.

The talking alerts feature gives voice to alert and dialog windows by verbally identifying the application and reciting the contents of its dialog box.

                Speakable items in Universal Access

*ERICA communication system using an eye tracking camera.   The eye-tracking camera and software may be installed on your existing Windows or Macintosh based computer. With this you have  the ability to control your computer with your eyes.

On Mac

*VoiceOver included with Tiger. For those with vision disabilities a built-in screen reader that provides keyboard control of the computer, enhanced screen magnification options, and spoken English descriptions of what’s on the screen. VoiceOver enables many users with special needs to work collaboratively with other Mac users and use a Macintosh without assistance


*Accessories Accessibility Wizard allows you to customize your computer to your visual, hearing, and  utilize  Magnifier, Narrator, and Onscreen keyboard.  


Adaptive software on your computer Mac and PC

*SubRosaSoft's Macnifier displays a magnified portion of your screen in a separate window. Originally designed as a helper application to assist the visually impaired - it has become an ideal tool for Mac graphic design professionals who need pixel perfect placement and control Download free!


*Webpage access projects.  Listing of accessibility projects with various web browsers including audio, magnification and video tools. Screen readers for pocket PCs  LunarPlus Screen magnifier with speech.