2019 TMEA Convention:

Build A Hyper-Music CV for Instant Job Application Success!


Dr. Fred Kersten

Thursday, 2/14/2019
  4:00 PM - 5:00 PM


MEJ Point of View September 2018

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Clinic Details:

Your music technology skills can directly help you obtain a music education job opportunity by positioning you far ahead of other candidates as you apply.
Internet access links on your cover letter and CV will allow a potential employer to have instant visibility of your skills and musical abilities in REAL TIME by accessing files you  have placed on the web for the position.  Distinguishability  is immediate as your achievements are visually/aurally illustrated.
You can conduct your performance groups, teach, and show personal music skills in front of the search committee from the first sentence of your hyperactive cover letter!  The screening committee does not have to look further than your cover letter or CV which they have in front of them on their computer.

This clinic will show you how to convert an application letter and CV into an interactive showcase that will display your musical qualities, and put you in the application process forefront. Demonstrated will be techniques for spotlighting linked sites containing your performance files and materials uploaded for support of your abilities. A dedicated web-page will be developed for this clinic and remain up for utilization after the session.

Topics covered:
*Highlighting your strengths with tech!
*Hyper-cover letter and CV development.
*Linking out to audio/video imagery.
*Creating teaching, conducting, and performance support videos.
*Free Web-editing and publication possibilities.

Clinician Bio: Fred has extensive background in job placement, screening techniques, and search committee communications. For five years he was webmaster for AAUW, Schenectady. 
He is currently Lead Instructor for Online Music Technology at Boston University.

Published Description: A hands-on immediately applicable examination of how a hyper-active cover letter and
CV can help a music teacher, applying for a music position, be better considered for the job being applied for.
Hyper-document development, linking out, creating online AV support, internet presentation, and professional visibility will be explored. 

About the Presenter

    Dr. Fred Kersten is an online graduate music education facilitator for Boston University.   He would welcome your comments: fredkers@fredkersten.com