Music Industry Advocacy:

Real Time Outreach for Community Engagement

-An Ethnographic Synopsis-

Presenter: Dr. Fred Kersten

First National Conference of The College Music Society in

Vancouver, British Columbia

October 11–13, 2018

      This study provides a perspective of innovative efforts by local music dealers, music retailers, and NAMM as they outreach to the community. Data was collected at CMS-NAMM GenNext conferences in Anaheim and Nashville with supplemental information gathered through communications with local dealers via the Internet.

     Examples of current business outreach and NAMM support for the continuation of music programs will be provided. Representative illustrations of engagement include:

1. Local music businesses providing totally free repair of donated instruments from community members, which are then distributed to underprivileged students with no instrument accessibility allowing them to be part of school music programs.
2. Music business-sponsored programs for disadvantaged schools that are completely supported with supplied instruments and instruction.

     During this presentation, a synopsis of these activities will be provided in addition to a discussion of possible involvement, support interaction, and outreach inclusion possibilities for college faculty, and universities.