NAfME 2015 Biennial Eastern Division Conference

Managed by the Rhode Island Music Education Association

Providence, Rhode Island, April 9-12, 2015



iPad Hands-on Interaction:

Accompaniment, Improvisation, Performance!



Dr. Fred Kersten


*Ever wish that you could provide an attractive musical accompaniment while leading your young musicians as they perform? Perhaps you do not want to be confined behind a keyboard or computer screen as you lead your students. Wouldn’t it be great to have your students do the accompanying even at a young age? Practice improvisation at any time or jam in the classroom with each student performing a part.

*The iPad is a valuable, versatile and quality musical instrument that can provide musical interaction accompaniment backgrounds for all musical endeavors from the youngest child to the sophisticated professional musician. This presentation will illustrate through “hands on” activities the many varied opportunities for musical interaction through new and sophisticated apps and software available.

*With improved basic free and very low cost apps you can provide opportunities for musical basic accompaniments that can assist in all aspects of the music program. More importantly your students can perform these backgrounds for you leaving you to lead and mold singing or performance activities of those playing/singing. From choral to instrumental, backgrounds can be provided through the iPad to enhance classes, lessons, and choral presentations. This can be done at all levels from primary through secondary music activities.

Session Objectives

*This “hands on’ presentation will illustrate how you can quickly adapt your iPad to provide interactive accompaniment activities for your music classes. New versions of software including GarageBand presently provide new features in their recent revisions to provide for this opportunity.

*During this session software will be illustrated by allowing attendees to participate by singing and playing to songs that can be utilized within their classes. Illustrations will be given on the iPad as how the apps utilized can provide opportunities for development of musical accompaniments for all ages.