Presentation will include music selected from the following:

1. Falling in Love with You (Elvis Version)--Soprano Recorder

2. Sing we and Chant it --Madrigal, Morley--Recorder Consort

3. Touch of Spain, Don Muro--Soprano Recorder

4. Telemann 1st Movement First Sonata (Sopranino Recorder)

5. Handel 4th Movement Fourth Sonata (Bass Recorder)

6. Colors of the Wind (from Pocahontas) Alan Menken, Stephen Schwartz, arr. by Jim Phypers (Alto, Treble Recorder)

7. When Daphne, that most beautiful maiden' --Jacob van Eyck  (Renaissance Soprano)

8. Fratello (Brother--An Italian friar or monk)  Tenor Recorder

9. Telemann 1st Movement, Sixth Sonata (Alto, Treble Recorder)