Synchronous in Action

Online Synchronous Dance Activities at Florida State Involving Internet2

               Associate Professor Tim Glenn from the Florida State University Department of Dance has provided some of the exciting synchronous activities that FSU has been involved with working with Internet 2. I have included the video URLS below in Table 3 that he has been kind enough to provide to me as they are not only clearly self-explanatory as to the direction of the events but equally fascinating to watch and highly pertinent to the clarification of “what can be done,” and “what is being done,” in the utilization of synchronous technology.  Check out his illustrated lecture: “Dance Telematics – Integrating Movement and Internet Technologies” at: ”  This is such a wonderful definitive video! Note his specific illustrations including a rehearsed, choreographed and performed dance duet in collaboration with Wayne State University through Telematic communications.  He describes many possibilities including coaching sessions and master classes using this medium. If we look at the exciting things that are being developed in other arts it gives us an opportunity for reflection as to future possibilities in music. 

Table 3

Synchronous Dance Performance Activities Through Florida State University

Telematic Jam Session

Internet2 Member Meeting presentation on I2 initiatives at FSU Dance

Intermedia Festival


Intermedia Festival Official Site


Performance and Master Class Production Workshop


Previous FSU Dance Initiatives using Internet2:

- Master Class with Bebe Miller (Ohio State, Wayne State, FSU)

- Internet2 and the Choreographic Process: A Telematic Coaching Session (FSU, Wayne   State)
- Telematic Jam Session – Interactive Dance Improvisation (FSU, University of Utah)
-Digital Bridges – Integrating Technology Across the Arts (FSU, Wayne State, Western Michigan University)
-Aqueous Myth: Tales of a Water Planet (broadcast only) - Intermedia Festival of Telematic Arts (FSU, Butler University, Dance Kaleidoscope, IUPUI)



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