Table 1                                                                

Features to be Noted

Feature Function
Whiteboard (e-board) Interaction Tools Opens Whiteboard
Preview Video Button Opens Video Camera to Preview Video
Video to be Seen by Observer Button Transmits Video to Observers
Web page Access Button Allows Access to Selected Webpage
Presentation Archive Button Archives Session to Library
Volume/Microphone Audio Levels Allows Adjustment of Audio Levels
Push-to-talk Button for Audio Communication Controls Active/mute Audio Function
Raise Hand Button Provides Recognition from Leader of Group
Answer Yes and No Buttons Feedback Options for Each Member
Status icons (laughing, confused, disapprove, etc.) Expression Opportunities through Icons
Chat type-in box for Main Room or Individual Participant Comments can be made to Leader or Group
App Share Mode Allows View of Your Desktop

Wimba Live Classroom Interaction Features Video

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