2016  Winter Conference

December 1, 2016

4:15 PM
Rochester, New York

Hilton Garden Inn Ritter Room

Creating and Playing Accompaniments on the iPad!



Dr. Fred Kersten





Empowering New Accompaniment Musical Adventure!

*Ever wish that:

1. You could provide a source of musical technology, which will empower your students to accompany themselves during playing and singing  at their discretion 24/7?

2. You could have your students accompany their own playing and singing even at a young age?

3. Your students could practice creative improvisation to an accompaniment at any time of day or night, or, jam in the classroom with a harmonic background from a readily available source?

4. Your students could  provide a quick chordal accompaniment for other students during a class or an instrumental lesson?

5. You did not have  to be confined behind a keyboard or computer screen as you lead your students in singing or in a musical lesson?

The iPad is the musical instrument which can assist you!  The iPad is a valuable, versatile and quality musical instrument that can provide musical interaction accompaniment backgrounds for all musical endeavors from the youngest child to the sophisticated professional musician.

    In addition so many performance and creativity options abound at a relatively modest price! This presentation will illustrate the many varied opportunities for musical interaction through new and sophisticated apps and software available.

Session Objectives

*This  presentation will illustrate how you can quickly adapt your iPad to provide practical interactive music accompaniment activities for your music classes. Strums, accompaniment patterns, background settings, automated rhythmic variations, key, tempo, loop, and timbral variations among other aspects will be covered.  The presenter will illustrate songs  that can be taken from the session and utilized immediately. 

*During this session illustrations will be given on the iPad and  a valuable follow-up handout with suggestions for usage within the vocal/instrumental classroom will be provided.  Both instrumental and vocal accompaniment opportunities will be explored.

 Sampling of Content included in this Demonstration

1. Basic Accompaniments:
    a. Guitar Strum Accompaniments.
    b. Piano Alternate Bass and Chord, Arpeggio.
    c. Percussion non-pitched and pitched mallet backgrounds.
    d. String backgrounds, automated chordal and staccato.
2. Improvisation Accompaniment Backgrounds—How to Construct.
    a. Chord patterns.
    b. Recorded Looped patterns.
3. Musical Apps Considered:
    a. Garage Band.
    b. SymphonieEvolution.
    c. Music Studio.
    d. ThumbJam.
    e. iRealPro (band-in-a-box equivalent).
    f. SmartMusic.
    g. Alfred PLAY-ALONG (Powered by Jammit).
4. Percussion Apps:
    b. Asian Drum.
    c. Bongos.
    d. Congas.
5. Recording your backgrounds for sharing opportunities with other students.
6. iPads and interconnected music keyboard controllers will be demonstrated as well as considerations such as jam hub and guitar controllers.
7. Understanding the Operating System:
    a. Tempo Changes.
    b. Dynamic variations.
    c. Key Changes.
    d. Chord customizing and alteration.
    e. Timbre substitutions for more appropriate and applicable accompaniments.
    f. Transposition.
    g. Quantization.
    h. Looping.
8. Setting up for performance:
    a. Direct Connection to sound source and projector.
    b. Wireless mirroring and streaming.
    c. Reflector.
    d. iTools.