Fifty-Ninth National Conference of the College Music Society
Community Engagement
Santa Fe New Mexico

                  The Versatile Recorder: It’s Not Just Medieval! 


In Cooperation with and  many thanks to Triston Lovato and Willie A. Chavez  at the

City of Santa Fe Division of Senior Services for their super assistance!

  PRESENTER: Dr. Fred Kersten

Presentations at:


Thursday, October 27, 2016




Friday, October 28, 2016




Welcome to our Page! 

I was so pleased to be able to present and enjoyed meeting all of you at our session You have a great opportunity to now practice with the tunes on our page in Our Song Center. All the links below work.  

Thanks so much to Roger Eaton and Matt Kerns from YAMAHA Corporation of America for providing the complementary recorders for us to perform as a group. YAMAHA does so many wonderful things for people and our society. It was wonderful to perform  and it is wonderful to have an opportunity to play. Thanks so much to these gentlemen and YAMAHA for allowing us the opportunity!!

Please check out the highlighted links below and look at the introductory information about this  wonderful instrument. You can download our handout  document for your files.  (click here) 

If you would like to communicate with me, I look forward to any questions about the recorder and will immediately answer.  My e-mail address is: 

Our Song Center!!
Click On The Following to Play Our Blues Tune! You have 1. The Music, 2. The Accompaniment Background 3. A Video of the Music with the Song so you can play along!

The Music--Download and/or print out and play!
2. Click here and  listen to the  tune
3. Here is a video,click on this to to see the notes and play with the band!


1. The Music--Download and/or print out and play!
2. Click hear and listen to the tune
3. Here is a video, click on this to see the notes and play with the band!

1. The Music--Download and/or print out and play!
2. Click hear and listen to the tune
3. Here is a video, click on this to see the notes and play with the band!

1. The Music--Download and/or print out and play!
2. Click hear and listen to the tune
3. Here is a video, click on this to see the notes and play with the band!

Check out the below resources to find lessons and information which you can actually learn to play the recorder on Line.
*Recorder Lessons online   Sites where you can practice your recorder to music exercises   Lessons for B, A, G.

*Dolmetsch Recorder site with opportunities for lessons and great information to learn about your recorder and playing on this instrument.

*You Tube Recorder Lesson Video which will help you.

Translucent Recorders provided 
courtesy of:
Yamaha Corporation of America

Tentative Compositions Performed

2016 National Conference Overview

Hear and see Fred play an excerpt from the first number!

About Fred Kersten
Fred, a senior citizen, has taught  online graduate music education courses as a course facilitator for Boston University for over seven years.  He holds five degrees in music, music education, and school administration and has published over 57 articles and two book chapters related to music education.  His book, Teaching Recorder in the Music Classroom, published by NAfME, is widely distributed and is presently being revised for a second edition.  His classical recorder study was with John DeLucia of national note and Eve Legene at Indiana when she was Chair of the Early Music Institute. He is a strong recorder performer and has extensive experience playing in both consorts and as a solo performer.  He has presented workshops on recorder and pedagogy for MENC, NYSSMA, NJMEA, and CMS and published articles in The American Recorder and General Music Today. His community outreach activities have included presentations for local and national civic groups.  


A Presentation Review!
We had a terrific presentation from Fred Kersten, on the history, construction,tonal range, music and capabilities of the Recorder. His gift to us was a blend of information, humor, and beautifully played music.

Fred is a highly educated and talented musician and college professor punctuated his informative, and often humorous,commentary by playing beautiful musical compositions that ranged through Medieval,Renaissance, and Baroque periods to “Falling in Love with You,” and all on different types of Recorders. Among the compositions he played were pieces by Bach, Handel, and Vivaldi. Fred provided the group an excellent handout that complemented his dialogue with expanded explanations of the pieces he played. It also clearly described the history and development of the Recorder.

Fred briefly talked about the structure,material composition, musical tonal range and cost of the different types of Recorders that existed throughout history, and in the present day. Particular attention was given to Renaissance and Baroque Recorders. Fred described the cost-benefits of different types of wood and plastic instruments.

There is no question that Fred showed us the full range and capabilities of this unique and flexible instrument. As he played each piece, he did so with the passion and flair of someone who loves this instrument and has played it a good portion of his life. Fred’s  fingerings and the arrangements he played were done in such a way we were not only hearing a beautiful melody, we were also hearing layers and waves of sound. Boy,can he move his fingers! It was great presentation!! One we will all remember!!!

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