Synchronous and Happy: Instruction Tools You Need To Get Started and Up-To-Speed




Dr. Fred Kersten

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Table of Contents


  Paper Focus and Orientation

  Live Synchronous Video Conferencing Interaction

            Job Interview
             Video Conferencing With Music Students
                Colleague Meetings Online

  Technology Tool Interactive Possibilities

              Wimba Live Classroom Interaction Features Video

Table 1 -Features to be Noted

Sharing the Wealth

Use of Screen Capture Software

            Wimba App Share Mode

          Archiving Class Sessions for Review

The Webinar--A Valuable Educational Tool

  Pedagogical Suggestions

  Backup, Backup, Backup

  Rubric Templates

              Synchronous Conversation Interaction Evaluation

  How You Should Act, What You Say, and What You Shouldn’t

                         Table 2 – Student Comments

  Synchronous in Action

  Online Synchronous Dance Activities at Florida State Involving Internet2

  Table 3 - Synchronous Dance Performance Activities Through 
         Florida State University

  New World Symphony


Connecting With Your Classes

          Cisco Webex: Communication software

TimeWarp: Internet MIDI software


Appendix A